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Henry Anglas
Considered one of the greatest tattoo artist exponents of realism, surrealism, full color, freehand and black and gray around the world. He created his own tattoo style. He fused all the tattoo styles he learned during his career. this unique tattoo style is well known as Mimesis.
Henry Anglas was born in the city of Junín Peru in 1982. When He was 10 years old, Henry was already projecting himself as a great artist. henry learned all the drawing skills and techniques by himself. also, he developed a strong curiosity for art. Even Although, artistically speaking, Henry was growing very fast as an artist. he finally discovered his passion years later after he finished his studies in graphic designer, his brother Franco Anglas decided to introduce him to the world of the tattoo.

his goal is to leave a legacy in the world of the tattoo. this is exactly the reason why; He decided to travel and live in different cities of South America. On this journey, He learned with a lot of practice and sacrifice the art of tattoo. He finally decided to settle down in Argentina and do what he likes the most tattooing.

Henry has been interviewed by the most famous and prestigious magazines in the world of the tattoo, He is strongly committed to encouraging the different perspectives of the artists. henry does it because he has a clear and strong idea that nothing good can come out of a closed mind. During his professional career, he held several seminars around the World, and he had the opportunity to travel to so many different countries and has won more than 60 awards in different tattoo conventions.

After many years of working and living in Argentina, he decided to face new challenges, set new goals and moved to New York. He is currently living in New York City, working at Last Rites Theater tattoo studio with Paul Booth.

Henry's idea is to overcome new challenges, learn new techniques and open his world to others. He will be attending to the best and most prestigious tattoos conventions around the world, among others, the tattoo convention of Paris and London.
+1 (646) 7090219
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